Tips and Tricks to Help Beat Back Sagging Neck Skin

Got a neck that’s bringing you down? Sagging skin on your neck can make you look considerably older. It’s quite unflattering and, sadly, it can happen at nearly any age beyond 30. It’s even more likely to happen to women that like to lay out in the sun a lot. The sun’s UV rays wreak havoc on your skin and speed up the aging process.

Millions of women face the pains of dealing with saggy neck skin every year. As you age and your skin continues to take a beating from the sun, daily activity, and life in general, your skin begins to lose its natural ability to hold firm and retain its shape. It becomes weak, lack of nutrients, and start to droop.

Sagging Neck Skin

Once the skin starts to become loose a lot of women develop what is commonly referred to as “turkey neck” – the old woman’s neck with skin that looks like it’s barely clinging on. While it may give a distinguished appearance when you’re 70+, it’s not a pleasant sight on a woman just cracking 35. It can make you look 10, even 20 years older.

A positive takeaway of this, however, is that it is possible to both prevent and repair this common skin condition. By taking action now (even if your neck hasn’t started to turn its back on you yet) you can significantly reduce your chances of getting a dreaded turkey neck, turn back time, and look better and more youthful than ever before.

So, how can you do the impossible, reverse aging, and undo sagging skin on your neck? Well, the most affordable and reliable option right now is to use what’s called a neck firming cream like the ones seen on this page >>

These products are designed to blast your neck with ample moisture, vital nutrients, and other miracle-working ingredients that help restore lost elasticity, improve your complexion, and, yes, tighten up that droopy skin.

Neck Cream

One of our favorite products for this right now is a cream from Revision known as Nectifirm, which you can learn more about here >>

It’s reasonably priced, has a great track record of working well for thousands of women, and it’s simple to use. It’s a topical cream that is applied to the neck daily. After just a few weeks of use you’ll see significant improvements in the firmness and appearance of the skin. It’s quite literally a miracle in a jar.

Not a fan of creams or other chemical-laced cosmetics? Well, aside from expensive surgeries, there is another option – exercise. No, not going out for a jog or hopping on the treadmill – we’re talking about specific stretches and massages that are designed to lift and tone the skin around your neck, thus helping the skin tighten back up and look younger.

Down below is a great video demonstrating some of the exercises that are recommended for toning up your neck. Keep in mind that these exercises are meant to be executed once per day.

If you want faster, even better results, we highly recommend combining the use of a daily neck cream with daily exercises. This way you’re not only building up the muscles and taming the skin around your neck with stretches, but you’re also giving the skin a boost of great vitamins and minerals that’ll help promote healthy skin cell growth, collagen production, and promote overall skin health.